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When I received my DUI I was extremely frightened. When I went in for an initial consultation, Andrew immediately calmed me down. He walked me through the entire process, my options and what to expect each step of the way. Whether I needed to make a court appearance or attend a class, I knew what was expected of me and the potential outcome. What's helpful is that Andrew knows most individuals in the court system, State of Washington licensing, as well as most of the arresting officers. This was advantageous to my infraction as he is able to predict (most) outcomes based on past experiences. In court, he was extremely professional and respectful of the judge and always came well-prepared. As a result of his expertise, we were able to resolve it positively in my favor.

Andrew and his firm offers many years of experience with the law. He is experienced, professional, and courteous. Potential clients should feel very confident in their choice of Andrew's representation.

Clark County, Washington

I want to thank you for all the hours you spent on my son's case. It was appreciated more than I can say.

Vancouver, WA

I appreciate you doing all you could to save my future. I will pass your cards out with great comments.

La Center, WA

I know it has been several months since my case ended, but I wanted to be sure and thank you for your help. Thank you for helping me through such a difficult time. Thank you for your kindness and the hard work you put into my case. I was scared and you calmly walked me through it.

Vancouver, WA

Thanks for everything. You have truly been a wonderful lawyer.

Vancouver, WA

I don’t have words to express my gratitude. You are the best, thank you.

Camas, WA

I am glad I did my research/ homework and found you and you were willing to help me. You helped me understand the court process and make me less nervous about it all. It all ended well and I am very grateful for that.

Vancouver, WA

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